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Our Children,Their Future - By: Tina Lo(V.E.C. Parent)

We wanted a school that would give our chlldren a solid educational foundation. We received a lot more …

When our son Mackenzie was three years old, we looked for a school that would give him a solid foundation as he started school for the first time. A parent whose children attended Victoria Montessori School recommended the school. Mackenzie thrived in the Montessori environment building strong academic skills with the opportunity to learn French. He was also given the confidence to explore his public speaking skills and to overcome challenges. He made many close friends that he continues to see regularly inside and outside the school. Our daughter Genna (now 4 years old) joined the school when she was 18 months old. From the very first day as she waved goodbye, this place was her second home. She also benefited from the solid academic program, and took part in chinese dance, and French classes. She has grown very close to her teachers, and made good friends here. Over three years later, V.E.C. remains an important part of our children’s education. It is more than just a school, it is a part of our community and a place where our children can continue to authentically experience and learn about their culture and languages.

Our children left the V.E.C. program well prepared for grade school with strong academics, a range of skills and most importantly the confidence to be successful.
I have lots of good friends at Victoria and the teachers are really nice. ” — Machenzie(6 years old)

Even though our children moved schools, V.E.C. remains a key part of their education. We arranged our schedules to have them attend Tuesday and Thursday’s classes, and Saturday morning Conversational classes. They can also participate in a variety of cultural activities such as Chinese New Year festivities, Chinese traditional dance, the Lions Art Festival, summer camp and much more…

Elena Cheong say:

My daughter Bethany started going to Victoria Montessori School since she was 20 months old. She is learning new knowledge and meeting new friends and I can tell she is having a lot of fun there. The teachers are also very enthusiastic and caring.

A Happy Mom, Crystal say:

"Chauvin has been enrolled at the Victoria Montessori School since he was a toddler and he will soon be graduating from kindergarten. The progression of his life and education during this time is astonishing. The teachers at Victoria have a wonderful way of interacting and instructing with warmth, kindness and confidence. It is very rewarding to see my child grow intellectually and emotionally. A little shy boy at three years of age has now blossomed into a well mannered, outgoing and extremely happy young boy. It has been an invaluable experience for Chauvin in many aspects of his life that I believe will last a lifetime."

Joe Yee say:

"Educational environment differs in many aspects. We as parents have strived to provide the right balance of expectations, child care and learning environment. When my wife and I chose Victoria Montessori School, we were still not sure of what to expect. It was clear after a few weeks that the administration and teaching staff understood our needs and provided Ryan, our soon with the proper mix of learning and care. I am expecting my second child in a couple of months and there is no other place I would have my child other than Victoria Montessori School."

John and Eunice Thompson say:

"Meaghan has really blossomed and thrived during the past 2.5 years she has attended Victoria. We credit all of the committed and caring staff at Victoria and the well structured Montessori program (including language classes) for her progress and development during this time. Meaghan has made many friendships here that she will treasure for the rest of her life. The additional programs in dance, piano and drawing class has tapped into her artistic potential and helped build her confidence and interest in the arts and music. This has given her a great foundation for her future. Thank you Victoria! "

Joanne Fletcher say:

"Victoria Montessori School has provided an excellent foundation for my daughter, Kaitlyn. Her reading, math and languages skills have excelled and she reads at a level I didn’t think possible at her age. She enjoys the curriculum, the extra curricular programs and loves her teachers. The centre makes an effort to involve the children in community events and competitions building their self confidence and exposing them to new challenges. It has been a positive learning experience for her that will leave her with wonderful memories of her first school."

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