Our Mission

At Victoria Montessori School we offer children from the Toddler to the School age level the learning experience of a lifetime. Our goals are simple, yet extremely important: To bring out the best in each child, and to help each child reach their true potential. Our progressive teaching methods, sound curriculum developmental strategies and effective classroom management styles, all work in unison to help challenge our students toward reaching these objectives.

  • At Victoria Montessori School, we teach not only skills, but also knowledge.
    We invest in your child's future.


We constantly strive to provide a safe, caring, and nurturing environment designed to meet the developmental needs of children beginning from the Toddler to the School age. As quoted by Dr. Maria Montessori, “Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment”. We pride ourselves by consciously being aware of this fact, and aid our students by setting a prepared environment filled with developmentally appropriate hands-on exercises that facilitate the journey down their own individualized path of learning.

Programs Offered

Montessori and Child Care

Suitable for children 18 months to 6 years old

Enrichment Programs

creating a personalized enrichment
experience that is challenging and fun.

Saturday School

The enrichment program on Saturday
consists of many topics

Language School

Our goal is to foster the love of learning Language .

Weekday Enrichment Programs

The enrichment program on weekdays
consists of many topics

Many holidays & PA Day

March Break /Summer Camp & PA Day Programs

For more information, please visit us or contact us at
905-726-2110 or mrsdominik@victoriaeducationcentre.com


Elena Cheong say:

My daughter Bethany started going to Victoria Montessori School since she was 20 months old. She is learning new knowledge and meeting new friends and I can tell she is having a lot of fun there. The teachers are also very enthusiastic and caring.

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A Happy Mom, Crystal say:

Chauvin has been enrolled at the Victoria Montessori School since he was a toddler and he will soon be graduating from kindergarten. The progression of his life and education during this time is astonishing. The teachers at Victoria have a wonderful way of interacting and instructing with warmth, kindness and confidence. It is very rewarding to see my child grow intellectually and emotionally. A little shy boy at three years of age has now blossomed into a well mannered, outgoing and extremely happy young boy. It has been an invaluable experience for Chauvin in many aspects of his life that I believe will last a lifetime.

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Joe Yee say:

Educational environment differs in many aspects. We as parents have strived to provide the right balance of expectations, child care and learning environment. When my wife and I chose Victoria Montessori School, we were still not sure of what to expect. It was clear after a few weeks that the administration and teaching staff understood our needs and provided Ryan, our soon with the proper mix of learning and care. I am expecting my second child in a couple of months and there is no other place I would have my child other than Victoria Montessori School.

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Mar 15, 2016, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

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Mar 15, 2016, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

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Mar 15, 2016, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

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